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Audit David Banks Commercial Acting Class

On Set Acting -- LA's Premier On Set Acting Class

Learn expert commercial acting skills from professional actor David Banks and author of "How to Make a Living As a Commercial Actor". David has booked over 200 National commercials and is an expert with successful commercial auditions. Learn how...

Open Capture the Flag (CTF) Day

Null Space Labs

Open Capture the Flag (CTF) Day Abstract: Participate with an experienced group of hackers in a "Capture the Flag" (CTF) competition. In a CTF, you attempt to solve a technical hacking problem from a variety of categories: software exploitation,...

Promethean: The Created - Edge of the World

Dead Gamers Society: Los Angeles Chapter

Your first tentative steps on the Pilgrimage have brought you and your throng to Denver, Colorado, on the doorstep of the Continental Divide. You have been drawn there by rumors of a sage, a former Promethean who completed the Great Work and now...

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